Finalists: Partner Short Story Contest 2020

Ani Y. & Emily L.(8th)

Ani Y. & Emily L.(8th)

Winter Through my Window

I look out of my small panoramic window. The usually bright sky is masked by iron tinted clouds, casting a dark gloom over the world that I see. The clouds suffocate me with an intimidating feeling, but still, I'm intrigued by their beauty when they release speckles of white dust into the blistering air. In between my view of gray, I see shadows of the possible and the probable. I see children, who are still shielded from the harsh reality of life, darting through the entanglement of branches in the woods, leaving a trail of footprints behind in the deep and rising snow. Children, making snow angels with their friends, who will one day grow up to find out that life holds less than they imagine. Far beyond the darkness of anarchy, however, I see the natural beauty of the world. The sun, which is setting, allows the fresh snow to live the night. Its abundance of hues and shades of blue and red take over the dullness that the snow compacted clouds reveal. I see the roads, which reach for miles on end, covered in a thin layer of powder that has just fallen from the white rain. As well as trees hugging each other tightly as they embrace themselves for the icy weather that is to come. Outside of my window, I see the imperfections of humanity as I sit, wrapped in a blanket of relief that I am alive to witness the falling of winter.

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