Finalist: Friendship Short Story Contest 2021

Elena G., and Laura C., 8th grade

Long Last
My hands trembled as I nervously fidgeted with my seatbelt. My mom looked back at me from the driver's seat with a worrying glance.

“You okay?” she asked.

I nodded and gave a wavering smile, but I felt so nervous--and yet excited for what lay ahead.

Six years.

I hadn’t seen Amanda in six years.

Amanda. My best friend from day one. We did everything together. She was my first sleep-over, my first play-date, the first person I could vent to about everything.

She was my safe place.

When I had to move, I was devastated. I didn’t have a phone, so for the first year, we wrote letters to each other every weekend. I always spent so long on them, and then I would wait anxiously for her letters to arrive.

And yet, as the years went on, we talked less and less, until I didn’t hear from her at all.

And now as I sat in the car, about to see my best friend who I hadn’t seen for what seemed like an eternity, I felt sick.

As we arrived at where we said we would meet up, I couldn’t make out where she was. So I got out of the car and walked down the path to a bench where I decided I would wait. A girl was already sitting there, her long, light brown hair shading her face.

“Is this seat taken?” I asked, motioning to the bench.

“No I’m just waiting for someone,” she responded with a smile.

I recognized that voice. Although deeper, I could catch it anywhere.

Before I could say anything, she got up quickly and looked at me.

“No way,” I choked out. She cried out and embraced me.

“I missed you so much.” she whispered.

“I missed you more.”
Thank you to Palo Alto Partners in Education and the Palo Alto City Library for the grant to purchase our Short Story Dispenser.

Elena G., and Laura C., 8th grade

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